Greetings from Eos Ingenuity Park

Medium | March 18, 2022

That transition was difficult. Rick Buchman, one our military veterans in Turtle Creek, started at Eos when we were still teaching ourselves how to build a battery. Rick’s motto is “follow the data,” and he uses that to become a pied piper, often telling me, “We need to engage the entire workforce because our best improvements come from ideas on the factory floor.”

Our ninth and 10th welders were recently installed in the new building and it took the team less than two weeks to produce quality batteries from these assets. More importantly, Robert Giles, our most experienced operator, has been front and center for integrating these machines into production and now running both simultaneously. When I went over to see the first battery, Robert told me, “The new facility is going to be great, and these new machines are fast. Can’t wait to get all the equipment in here and start full production.”