No system oversizing

Because Eos Z3 battery modules have minimal delivered energy loss, a flat degradation curve that retains a full 88% of the rated capacity over a 20-year lifespan, and 100% depth of discharge, they can deliver up to 20% more energy (kWh) at the point of interconnect. Which means we don’t have to build in—or charge for—extra battery modules in our Cube, Hangar, or Stack storage systems to meet your target power needs.

Delivered kWh
20% more
than same-sized lithium-ion system

No AC, fire, or pumps.

Because Eos Z3 battery modules are non-flammable and tolerate wide temperature ranges, our systems don’t need the costly AC and fire suppression equipment required for traditional lithium-ion installations, reducing both your initial capital investment and ongoing maintenance expenses by up to 30%. Our ancillary equipment costs also compare favorably to newer flow batteries, as our static, zinc-powered Cube, Hangar, and Stack systems don’t need massive external water tanks or complex pumping mechanisms.

Ancillary system costs
30% less
than same-sized lithium-ion system

Minimal power use.

The lower power needs of the simple forced-air ventilation used in our Eos Cube, Eos Hangar, and Eos Stack solutions relative to the complex, energy-sapping AC systems of traditional lithium-ion installations—2% versus 7% of delivered energy, respectively—result in a meaningful reduction of your annual operating expenses. Our power use also compares favorably to newer flow batteries, as our static Z3 battery modules do not require large pumps to continuously move water through the system.

Delivered energy loss
70% less
than same-sized lithium-ion system

Cost-neutral disposal.

In embracing a circular economy product philosophy, we’ve ensured that all components used in EosZ3 battery modules are fully recyclable. Even our sites can be easily repurposed after decommissioning. As a result, the residual value of our Cube, Hangar, and Stack systems can reach up to 30% of the original cost of materials, making end-of-life disposal activities cost-neutral.

Residual price
up to 30%
of the original cost of materials
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