Eos Cube

All-in-one, ready-to-run innovation.

Shipped ready for deployment, our Eos Cube comes with all battery modules, electrical equipment, and the BMS pre-integrated into a standard 8 x 16-foot outdoor-rated shipping container. Each Cube is loaded with 672 Eos Z3™ battery modules—the current generation of our zinc-powered Znyth™ technology.

Designed to meet a wider range of needs.

Simple, safe, durable, flexible. In every aspect of our Eos Cube we’ve intentionally considered how storage will be used in a decentralized, democratized, and decarbonized energy future in which a wider range of people, across a wider range of places will be responsible for—and relying on—our systems.

Easy to install, run, and maintain.

Standard exterior venting in our fire-proof Eos Cube systems provides airflow to dissipate waste heat, eliminating the need for complicated AC systems, and since each Z3 battery module is fully sealed, no flow pumps or external tanks are required. So balance-of-plant installation requirements and related ongoing upkeep are minimal.

Safely site in hot, dry places.

Our Eos Z3 battery modules are made of and filled with non-flammable, non-corrosive materials that are less harmful than common household cleaning products. They don’t need noisy AC systems to stay cool. And they can be shipped and installed at zero charge. Which means our Cube solution can be safely transported to almost anywhere in the world without a hazmat classification, sited in hot, dry climates in both remote and densely populated places, and handled and operated with basic workplace safety procedures and equipment.


The workhorse of energy storage.

Like the Eos Z3 battery modules they house, our Cube is a self-contained unit—a closed-system design with no delicate internal or external moving parts like AC systems or flow pumps that degrade from continuous, daily wear and tear. Lasting at least 20 years and retaining a full 88% of the rated capacity, today’s Cubes will still be powering away well into the 2040s, no matter what temperature abuse or operational shifts you put them through.

Shift operational goals on a dime.

Need a maximum power, 3-hour discharge one day, and a high round-trip efficiency over a 12-hour discharge the next? No problem. Because our Eos Znyth chemistry is highly tolerant of significant variation in operational requirements, a Cube’s discharge depth and duration can be reset on a cycle-by-cycle basis. And all without any impact on the system’s total degradation or lifespan.


Ready to pair with renewable energy generation, this American-made solution can accelerate the shift to clean energy.

Ready to pair with renewable energy generation, this American-made solution can accelerate the shift to clean energy.

Power that stacks up.

Based on your power and space requirements, an Eos Cube project can range from a single to a multi-Cube installation. Please contact us for more information about what our plug and play Cube solution could look like for you.

We’re charged to implement with ease and speed.

Eos Project Teams support customers from conceptual design through full turnkey system delivery. Our Project Managers and Engineers have broad project delivery experience and the hands-on knowledge to address the challenges capital projects face in meeting safety, quality, schedule, and cost expectations.

What’s your energy storage challenge?

Tell us a little more about your project, and we’ll connect you with the right Eos team member.

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