Eos Hangar

Building economies of scale.

Our Eos Hanger solution integrates palletized racks of Eos Z3™ battery modules—the current generation of our zinc-powered technology batteries—in prefabricated rack holders within a pre-engineered hangar-style building reminiscent of vintage American airfields and barns. A single Hanger can house multiple rows of multi-level rack holders, depending on project sizing requirements and local building codes, as well as the system’s DC controls cabinets.

Made for tomorrow’s grid, today.

Simple, safe, durable, flexible. Every aspect of our Eos Hangar is purpose-built to address the needs of the teams proposing, constructing, and managing utility-scale energy storage installations, so that they can speed the decarbonization of our grid and bring greener power to more people and places.

A smartly-designed structure.

The Eos Hangar’s rack holder rows are spaced to allow forklift access and each rack is fixed in place with snap-fit connectors that make it easy to service individual batteries. Control cabinets are located on the long ends of the Hangar so that high-voltage cable runs are minimized and consolidated. And of course, with no HVAC or fire suppression systems required for our non-flammable Z3 batteries, basic fans and ventilation shafts are all that are needed to dissipate waste heat. While our storage system fits neatly into our prefabricated structure, the beauty of our modular racking means the power of a Hangar can just as easily be housed in an unused warehouse or large-scale retail space.

Safely site in any community.

Our Eos Z3 battery modules are made and filled with non-flammable, non-corrosive materials that are less harmful than common household cleaning products. They don’t need noisy HVAC to stay cool. And they can be shipped and installed at zero charge. Which means our Hangar systems can be safely transported to just about almost any community without a hazmat classification, handled and operated with basic workplace safety procedures and equipment, and sited in ways that make them comfortably blend into any local environment. Better yet, a Hangar installation can supply more than green energy—with a little planning, it’s also an opportunity to create a safe, healthy green space where everyone can thrive.


The workhorse of energy storage.

Like the Eos Z3 battery modules they house, our pre-fabricated Hangar solution has no delicate internal or external moving parts like AC systems or flow pumps that will degrade from continuous, daily wear and tear. Lasting at least 20 years and retaining a full 88% of the rated capacity, today’s Hangars will still be powering away well into the 2040s, no matter what temperature abuse or operational shifts you put them through.

Shift operational goals on a dime.

Need a maximum power, 3-hour discharge one day, and a high round-trip efficiency over a 12-hour discharge the next? No problem. Because our Eos Znyth chemistry is highly tolerant of significant variation in operational requirements, any given Hangar’s discharge depth and duration can be reset on a cycle-by-cycle basis. And all without any impact on the system’s total degradation or lifespan.


Power that stacks up.

Your project’s sizing requirements and local building codes will ultimately define the system specifications. Please contact us for more information about what our high-power, small-footprint Hangar could look like for you.

We’re charged to implement with ease and speed.

Eos Project Teams support customers from conceptual design through full turnkey system delivery. Our Project Managers and Engineers have broad project delivery experience and the hands-on knowledge to address the challenges capital projects face meeting safety, quality, schedule and cost expectations.

What’s your energy storage challenge?

Tell us a little more about your project, and we’ll connect you with the right Eos team member.

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