Three proprietary components.
One ingenious design.

With more than 122 patents pending, published, or issued, our streamlined Eos Z3 battery module design features an aqueous electrolyte, bipolar electrodes, and a polymer casing.

Inspired by zinc plating baths

Z3 battery modules store electrical energy through zinc deposition. Our aqueous electrolyte is held within the individual cells, creating a pool that provides dynamic separation of the electrodes. During charge and discharge, ions move through the electrolyte to their respective electrode to donate or accept electrons, creating a current flow through the bipolar stack.

Inspired by zinc plating baths

Realizing the full power of zinc.

Eos Z3 modules are as high-performing and price-competitive as leading industry storage solutions in the intraday market. But our proven zinc-powered chemistry delivers significant additional operational advantages in 3- to 12-hour discharge duration applications that other technologies can’t.

Fully sealed. Long lived.

Each Z3 battery module is a self-contained unit, a closed-system design with no moving or delicate parts, so they’re as easy and cost-effective to maintain as they are to manufacture. And they can last at least 20 years—almost twice the operational life of most conventional battery chemistries.

20 years

Non-flammable. Non-corrosive.

Z3 modules are inherently safe to use. With a water-based electrolyte and flame-retardant polymer framing, there’s no risk of thermal runaway. When fully charged, they’re at most mildly acidic (pH 2-4 range). And even when overcharged, only negligible levels of hydrogen are off-gassed.

Certified to the
Batteries in Stationary Applications standard

High tolerance. Low degradation.

No matter what conditions our Z3 battery modules face, they keep on going—even fully recovering from 90⁰C+ abuse cycles with just a simple, short rest period—with no change to their overall degradation curve. Which, at less than 3% over 20 years, is well below any conventional standards and do not require augmentation.

of rated system capacity over product lifespan

Variable DoD. Variable duration.

Our zinc-based battery chemistry is highly tolerant of significant variation in operational requirements. A Z3 module’s storage duration can range from 3 to 12 hours, with no impact on degradation. And the maximum DoD can be reduced for applications demanding round-trip efficiency in the mid-80s.

Maximum of
Depth of Discharge (DoD)

Reliable supply. Ethical sourcing.

Z3 modules require just five low-cost, widely-used, earth-abundant commodities, that have no geopolitical issues connected to their extraction. This enables local sourcing that minimizes the risk of supply chain disruptions—and related price swings.

of materials sourced within a day’s drive

Fully recyclable at the end of their usable life, Eos batteries are a truly sustainable solution.

Fully recyclable at the end of their usable life, Eos batteries are a truly sustainable solution.

Power that stacks up.

Z3 battery modules are the building blocks of all of our ingenious energy storage systems. Our standard Z3 strings are racked in a variety of configurations to form our Eos Cube, Eos Hangar, and Eos Stack solutions.

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