Roma Desai

Chief People Officer

A passionate global HR executive with over 20 years of experience at organizations of all sizes, Roma Desai joined Eos as Chief People Officer in May 2022. Her unique and varied background gives Roma the knowledge and understanding needed to help create an inclusive and productive culture within the organization. Prior to joining Eos, Roma was Vice President & Head of International HR for MAN Energy Solutions. Before relocating to the USA, Roma was a Chief Financial Officer for MAN Energy Solutions Canada Ltd.  She worked at MAN Energy Solutions for more than 15 years and held various positions in both HR and Finance. Roma holds a Master of Science in Strategic Human Resource Management from Saint Joseph’s University – Erivan K. Haub School of Business and a Bachelor’s in Accountancy and Auditing from Gujarat University in India. Not only does she provide counsel and support to her team to help them achieve strategic and operational goals, but she also leverages her extensive business acumen and strategic HR management knowledge to build strong relationships and encourage trust among all of Eos’ teams and departments.